Using variations of text, plus naïve figurations and symbolism, Dedy Sufriadi’s works infuse both the current ubiquity and historical importance of text and symbology into intricate abstract expressionist compositions, utilizing multilayered literary excerpts, narratives and symbols to replace what would usually be the play of colors and lines.

Dedy’s more recent works take text to another level, beyond the literal and familiar. One of his better-known styles embodies the concept of hypertext, borrowed from the world of information technology, he invites the viewers of his art to extrapolate and form their own contextual meanings from the visual imagery presented.

In some cases the text is distinct and recognizable but quite often obscured as a result of layering and overpainting. The more we scrutinize his works, the more information materializes, in the form of text and sometimes in the form of iconography, allowing us to interpret what is presented to the viewer as visual clues. This is conceptually similar to how hyperlinks – both text and icon based – facilitate us jumping from one location to another on the Internet, revealing more information along the way.

In his latest series of artworks, Lorem Ipsum, Dedy utilizes random, almost automatic-writing like text as a backdrop, upon which naïve figurations are layered, creating a visual embodiment of what the series name represents – placeholder text shaped and set in its final form – compositions that are ready for the viewer to formulate a personal emotional connection in their mind’s eye.

Regardless of which specific style is presented, Dedy’s artworks aim at gaining a deeper understanding of ourselves, and ultimately, of the world around us.

He is currently represented by Artemis Art.