The colorful naïve-style works of emerging artist Indra Dodi have arrived to where they are today having gone through a gradual style metamorphosis over the last several years. He was well known early in his career as an abstract painter, and for his use of soft colors. Indra is, however, a storyteller by nature, distinct and recognizable form outlines already apparent in his early abstract artworks. His visual language has developed to include figurative elements and objects, distorted but distinct in their meaning and intent, skilfully composed to tell the many anecdotes, dreams, and stories the artist has to convey.

Indra Dodi’s works have captured the attention of art enthusiasts regionally, and the artist has frequently exhibited outside his home country of Indonesia in the past few years, around Asia and in Europe.

Of important note is his participation in U(DYS)TOPIA, a collaborative project consisting of artists from Germany and Indonesia, in 2010, leading to three exhibitions in Germany, and followed up by Crossing Sign, a series of four exhibitions in four cities in Indonesia.

Originally from Padang, Indra Dodi, like many other Yogyakarta based artists, studied at the prestigious Institut Seni Indonesia (Indonesian Institute of the Arts, or ISI), eventually making this vibrant artistic city his home. 

He is currently represented by Artemis Art.